Studio equipment

As we mostly work on demos for the songs we produce, in our own studio we have a quite modest setup, which is just right for the work that we are doing. Final recordings of songs are done in pro studios.

DAW – Digital Audio Workstation We primarily run Logic Pro X for our recording and mixing, even though we also have ProTools.

Monitors, microphones, headphones Shure SM57, AKG Perception 220, SE Electornics X1, Behringer CS2, KRK Rokit 8

Keyboards to come

Guitars to come

Amplifiers VOX VT40, Mesa Carbine M9, Ibanez Promethean P5110, TKS speakers.

Basses We have a decent collection of vintage Ibanez basses and some new once too. As Thomas likes to collect Ibanez basses from the period 1978-1985. This collection gives quite a selection of both modern and vintage bass sounds to choose from.

Ibanez: SR700 (-11), RB850 (-87), RB960, RB760, MC924, AX50 (-85),RB850, RB650 (-84), MC900 (-79), MC800 (-78).

This picture is a selection of basses. Ibanez: (top) SR700 (-11), (from left) RB850 (-87), RB960, RB760, MC924 (-85),RB850, RB650 (-84), MC900 (-79), MC800 (-78), (bottom) AX50 (-85).

For more vintage sounds Thomas has a semi-acustic Teisco from 1966. Which he was given by a musician who defected from the Soviet Union in the mid-seventies.

Teisco FP-200B (1966)

Effects & pedals Darkglass B7K, Darkglass Vintage, EBS Multicomp, MXR EQ, BOSS Stinkfoot SD-1, MXR Phase 90, Bassray Octaray, Ibanez BP5 compressor, Mesa Fluxdrive.

Bass pedalboard with Darkglass B7K "wet" out and "dry" out with EQ, but possible to add compressor and Darkglass Vintage on both wet and dry out.