Rocksmith – Bachsmith sheet music

Hall of the mountain king

I was inspired to get back into playing bass a few years ago when Ubisoft made the guitarr teaching software Rocksmith available for bass as well. With it they regularly release new songs that you can learn to play. One of the more interesting things which they released last year was classical tunes arranged with modern instrumentation, a song pack called Bachsmith.

One of the things which the Rocksmith community at Reddit often asks for is sheet music, or tabs for the songs. Due to licensing restrictions and extra costs this would entail (is my guess) Ubisoft doesn’t make this available. With one exception, the Bachsmith song pack. Maybe for the first time, with the permission from Ubisoft (Thanks to Brian Adam McCune who arranged it all!), here is actually sheet music and tabs for something on Rocksmith.

Hope you all enjoy it! See you on the leader boards. :)

Edit: 5 Feb 2015

Another developer at Ubisoft, jarmacsf, clarified why Rondo all Turca wasn’t included:

Matt’s tune went through a slightly different process from the rest. Brian asked all the arrangers to create demos for their songs. Matt did his first, and his demo was essentially the recoding that’s in the game now (except for the drums). Since we didn’t have to re-record everything, Brian didn’t make charts for it.

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